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Silence is Deafening when its all said, 2023


" Silence is deafening when it's all said " How can we reframe queer positionality within/out of the pixel , how can i tell you love you without emitting pixels or calories? When my language fails me i can't find the literal words to say how i feel ,when my body doesn't capture such motion i can't find a way to propose a truth ,but a truth that exists as a multiple , i am not singular and nor is the language of the pixel and self. We need magic to provide us this escapism from such given struggles, i'd like to propose a spellbinding exploring of aucult law through transmuting queer identities under such systems of global capitalism. I want to yell out for more within both existences , I need my voice on screen to be visualized in the flesh ,but do I gain the language?

The Past section - An Archivist is situated in a space that's going to flood, his only endeavor is to achieve his existence whilst the space floods, the preservation of knowledge is the goal , This section will be 3d animated and inspired by archival research in the Bishopsgaet Institute , I have been researching the history and language around HIV and  Aids

The Present section - a hollow knight roams the land on a spiritual journey of belonging and escapism, his only function ts to walk, thi section will be created on Unreal engine, i'd like to produce this as a game and camera tracked footage.The knight will walk through various environments and ponder the current homogeny of neoliberalism on queerness.

The Future section - A genderless avatar will act as glimmer of hope , they will act as form of hope and joy for a new queer fiction made out of speculative fiction and honesty, this section will be 3d animated.The future avatar will allow the film to come full circle and acknowledge the past , present and the future , all 3 states are need to move forward as a queer community

Bellow is a set of links to the sccript, research and some previsualaiztions.

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